The game of blackjack is one of the most exciting of all table games, mostly due to the fact that it allows players to greatly reduce the house edgstargamese. Compared to other online casino games, blackjack grants the player a decent chance at winning on the long run, as luck plays a smaller part.

To some extent, players are in control of the game and by mastering the rules and advanced strategies, they can turn each round into a coin flip.
Stargames Casino has a nice selection of blackjack.

Games, with different versions being available in the traditional section, while players can also compete against live dealers. The challenge is to know how to play each hand in such a way that the house edge will be reduced as much as possible. Instead of reading walls of text and going over intricate tutorials, members can now use the Blackjack Strategy Coach App developed by Microgaming.

The software developer has created dozens of blackjack games and most of them are scattered all over the Internet and casinos powered by them. This means that players can put their newfound knowledge to good use right away, as long as they have an account with such a casino. Stargames is a great place to put the new application to the test, with the character inspired by the Bronzebeard slot machines to guide your steps at the blackjack tables.

The application runs smoothly on mobile devices and it features 3-D graphics, being compatible with all Microsoft operating systems. Furthermore, Stargames Casino members can hone their blackjack skills even when they are not on a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. Soon enough, the application will be available on Xbox Live and once the players download the content, they don’t even need to be connected to the Internet.
The app was immensely popular when unveiled at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and it is very likely to be introduced by other online casinos.

Captain Bronzebeard will serve an educational purpose and the application itself is user-friendly and features immersive graphics, that will appeal to a broad audience. Most of the information is familiar to blackjack aficionados, but beginners and those who are playing the game casually will have a great deal to learn.

It is perfectly possible to run the application live while playing blackjack at Stargames Casino, so members can use it when competing for real money. Its usefulness would become self evident during those difficult moments when you don’t know for sure whether it is worth hitting, standing, doubling down or splitting pairs.

The rules are not written in stone and the recommendations need to be taken with a pinch of salt, because the application doesn’t guarantee success at blackjack tables.

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