Given the intense competition in the online casino Sky vegas industry, operators need to spend as much time in the spotlight as possible. bgonews

This is why BGO casino decided to maximize its exposure and as a result invested massively in advertising and their marketing budget grew a lot.

Among the recent changes, the shift to television advertising campaigns has been obvious and they carefully prepared their strategy for 2014 and beyond.

Earlier this year, they began a series of advertisements featuring the celebrated US actor Verne Troyer, with the first clip being already viewed by hundreds of thousands. Their idea is easy to understand and there are very few arguments against this new direction, because BGO casino plans to take the industry by storm. They have already consolidated their position by offering generous first deposit bonuses and a nice variety of games, but they also need better exposure.

Since February 2014 when the first commercials were launched on television, the number of customers increased. Now that Verne Troyer has joined forces with them, it is only fair to assume that their success will keep growing at an accelerated pace. Those who don’t find the name familiar, will surely remember him from his appearances in the Austin Powers movies. He personified Mini-Me, a funny yet devious character, which was one of the reasons for why the franchise was so popular.

BGO casino found it worthwhile to associate their image to the celebrated actor, with the role played in the commercials fitting like a glove. Since actors have the problem of getting typecast, Verne Troyer is probably not too upset by the fact that his role is to some extent similar.

He impersonates the evil casino boss will go to great lengths to make sure that players end up losing their investment and he would have no hesitations in fixing games if that’s what it takes for the house to win.

Obviously, his plans always fail miserably and the players win a small fortune regardless of the game of choice.

With BGO casino offering a plethora of titles ranging from the ever popular slot machines, table games, bingo and video poker, the options are numerous. There is even a dedicated slot where players are supposed to defeat the casino boss and win a massive progressive jackpot that counts into millions of dollars.

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