One of the reasons for why players made the transition to 32red online casinos, besides convenience is that the number of progressivelogo-small jackpot games is bigger over the Internet.

Compared to regular brick-and-mortar venues, where players need to focus on a handful of machines casino euro and hope to win a fortune, they have more choices online.

It is also easier to monitor the progress of the jackpot and the numbers are always clearly displayed for those interested.
Most of them start at €100,000 and then increase at a steady pace, until approaching seven digit territory.

This is the time when they usually grow out of proportions and those who have an account with 32Red Casino can surely recall numerous instances in which the bonus grew at an alarming rate.

What prompted this kind of attitude is easy to explain, as major jackpots tend to provide players with the incentive to double their efforts and invest more money, which in turn boost the first prize.
Success stories are always celebrated here and with a player from Germany winning the first prize in the Murder Mystery slot machine, the news got out.

He won an amount of almost $100,000 which is nothing to frown upon, especially nowadays when the US dollar is surging. The previous win recorded by a player was five times lower, still a lot of money for a game that demand players to invest only five dollars.
When it comes to progressive jackpots, it is essential to bet the maximum number of points to qualify for the first prize and luckily for the German players he didn’t hesitate to do it.

The prospect of winning a fortune with a single spin slightly off his feet and he promptly booked a flight to Brazil. He’s expected to spend the cold season there, enjoying the beautiful beaches and catching some sun, with the only regret being that he didn’t with earlier, so he could watch the World Cup.
32Red Casino is on the casinos where slot machines featuring progressive jackpots mushroomed over the last couple of years. Powered by Net Ent software, many of these games are shared by several casinos who belong to the same network.

This is good news for the players, because while they have to deal with tougher competition, jackpots are getting bigger much faster.

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