Great minds think alike and one of the fastest rising football teams in the United Corporative-Logo-CasinoKingdom is now ready to sign a partnership with one of the best online winner casino.

West Ham United is having one of the best seasons in club history and is on the verge of challenging the leader, William hill casino after climbing to the third step of the podium.

What they need is an equally reliable partner and they found one in Winner Casino which will be their sponsor in the season that concludes in June 2015.

The online casino was thrilled at the perspective of supporting the Londoners, with the club having tens of thousands of fans.

They stuck to it during the hard times and now when the team is cruising high, they have even more reasons to be happy and celebrate victories. West Ham United is playing offensive football and doesn’t hesitate to take on increasingly difficult challenges, something that Winner Casino has been doing every since its inception.

The bookmaker quickly expanded beyond borders and is now one of the biggest players in the European market, something that the football team also hopes to achieve.

They have a decent chance at playing in the Champions League next season, which would represent the biggest performance in club history. It will be tremendous for the new partners to celebrate such a victory together and right now everything is going according to the plan and all expectations have been exceeded.

The football club will benefit from this partnership not only because the online casino will pump money into their organization, but also thanks to its position as a leader in gaming technology. Many of those who wager over the Internet will stumble upon West Ham and this will translate in more T-shirts being sold and memorabilia. Money makes the world go round and football clubs are in dire need of cash, especially those that hope to take on their richer counterparts.
On the other hand, Winner Casino is guaranteed to benefit from the exposure as having the name inscribed on one of the surging Premier teams should help a lot.

League West Ham United Commercial Director Felicity Croft expressed his satisfaction for signing this partnership and is confident that the joint projects will be mutually profitable.

The same enthusiasm was shared by Yoni Sidi, Marketing Director for Winner who praise West Ham for its reach tradition and great community.

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