The biggest software developer for online casinos has recently unveiled its brand-new feature which gday_logogoes by the name of Campaign Manager.

Royal Panda was swiftly introduced to all partners and among those who will benefit from the new addition is Gday Casino.

These guys have been at the forefront of innovation for quite a while and it comes as no surprise that they were also among the first to jump on the bandwagon and present this feature to existing customers.

The reason for why the Campaign Manager is so powerful and effective has to do with the fact that the new design was streamlined and optimized to improve user experience. The real-time triggers and the scheduled actions are now better integrated and players will enjoy the complete package containing messaging, bonuses and personalized settings. The IMS will deliver the tools and additional options that are going to greatly simplify matters for new members.

Campaign Manager is also an invaluable instrument for those who cherish automatic player segmentation, something that has been in the talking for quite a while. Gday Casino found it worthwhile to be one of the early licensees to put the system to test and the trial version was immensely popular.

The conversion rate has increased several times during the trial and as a result the feature became a permanent addition to his collection of innovative instruments.
In addition to the self evident advantages of turning some manual tasks into automatic operations, it allows the online casino operator to get in touch with the customers much easier.

The latter will enjoy unrestricted access to the latest promotions and will get to make an informed decision when trying to choose the best package for them. Other online casinos were also interested in introducing the campaign manager and the results were overwhelmingly positive.

Shelley Harding-Ban, IMS Product Manager for Playtech expressed her enthusiasm for the early results and expects the online casino partners to benefit in the long run as well.

The software developer will also look more appealing to those who contemplate a potential partnership with these operators. IMS is aimed at becoming a one-stop shop for all the clients, by building on existing functionalities and enhancing these features, for the benefit of clients.

The enthusiasm was shared by the CEO of Playtech and Shay Segev praise the system for achieving exceptional results worldwide.

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