If the name Betfair Casino doesn’t ring familiar, then you have no reason to worry because this operator is relatively new. betfair-logo

On the bright side, the progress made in 2014 inspires us to believe that it will play casino a significant role in the upcoming years and it has the potential of growing into something huge.

The advantage of starting from scratch instead of building on existing concepts, is that they had the opportunity of using the best and most recent technologies.

In this highly competitive industry, it is essential to differentiate yourself from other operators and there is no better way of making a name for yourself than by offering silky smooth service.

The only shortcoming is that if you plan on using the latest technologies, such as the HTML 5, you will deprive your players from the chance of playing some popular games. Luckily for them, most of these titles were adjusted and NetEnt works diligently towards accommodating these slot machines.

Right now, it is possible to play virtually any game using exclusively the HTML 5 technology, so the future looks bright. Hundreds of new games are being released every year, yet only a fraction of them rise to stardom and it is essential for online casinos to promote these titles.

The Invisible Man Branded Slot is a shining example of a game that recently hit the stores and already has tens of thousands of fans.
It has multiple winning combinations and the reels are populated by symbols that invite players to take a virtual voyage into the past. It is inspired by a 1933 movie which is still a pleasure to watch despite the fact that it doesn’t benefit from the special effects of modern technology.

The film has a captivating story and will keep players on their toes, something that is also achieved by the slot machine.

There are so many wild and scattered symbols, that it is virtually impossible not to hit a winning combination and have the prizes boosted. Furthermore, the scatter symbols have the uncanny ability of awarding free spins, which means that players will end up competing for real cash without taking any chances whatsoever.

Perhaps the best-selling point of the Invisible Man Branded Slot is the fact that it has two distinct bonus features, unlike other slot machines which have one at best.

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