Casinoeuro Casino is going to present customers with yet another pleasant surprise, one of the many that were bestowed uponlogo-casinoeuro them in 2015.

To be more specific, the online casino has signed a partnership with Yggdrasil Gaming which is a software developer famous for its great looking slot machines.

These guys have already released some extremely popular titles and in 2015, a sequel for the Jokerizer game has already hit the stores.
It goes by the name of the Dark Joker Rizes and it builds on the success of the original, while adding a couple of new features. Revamping classic slot machines has been done over and over again, but this particular software developer has a flawless track record. The payouts have been improved, the winning combinations are more numerous widely gaming experience remains the same.
The bottom line is that the new installment will appeal to both fans of the original game and those who want to stay up to date with the latest advances in technology.

This is something that Casinoeuro Casino has been doing ever since opening its doors and it comes as no surprise that this is the place where the Dark Joker Rizes will be introduced first.

Each spin can make players rich and the profits are boosted by wild and scatter symbols, while special bonus rounds will further enhance the fun factor.
Compared to the original game, this one has more winning combinations and it is much easier to trigger payouts, not to mention that their amount is also boosted.

The only shortcoming is that players will have no reason whatsoever to play the first game in the first place, except maybe to find out how the saga began. Jokerizer was a great slot machine back in the day and the new installment promises to outstrip it in every imaginable way.
While the online casino will be the main beneficiary of this partnership and its customers the indirect winners, Yggdrasil Gaming also set an important milestone.

Their innovative software is getting the recognition it deserves and the fact that Casinoeuro Casino chose them to power up the entire collection of games says a great deal.

They are making good use of the latest HTML 5 framework and those online casinos who will introduce their games can rest assured that they will stay ahead of the tech curve.

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