Barcelona is on the verge of a memorable achievement, something that they’ve accomplished in the past, but still remains a formidable result. After winning the domestic championship and the cup, they could also prevail in the final act of the Champions League.

They start as overwhelming favorites against Juventus, despite the fact that the Italians were the ones to eliminate Real Madrid in the semifinals.

This year has been truly spectacular for the entire outfit, who cruised to the Champions League final and also won the Serie A on the way. They had such a commanding lead that they could afford to rest most of the key players, so they don’t have to worry about injuries ahead of this fixture. They will throw in everything they’ve got, knowing that they will compete against an opponent that has probably the best offensive trident in the world.


This is going to be the main challenge for Juventus, as its otherwise competitive backline will be under relentless assaults from these three strikers. Messi, Suarez and Neymar are playing so well together that opposing coaches have no solutions in stopping them in their tracks. It goes without saying that Juventus can’t afford to counter this strategy with relentless attacks of its own, but because such a tactic would only expose their backline.

For the time being, the Italians will need to stick to the strategy that served them so well so far and hope that they manage to score a lucky goal. Defending is what they do best, but this only works when they are ahead or at least prior to their opponents score the opening goal. Barcelona will be aiming for an early lead and as a result will put all precautions aside and try to overwhelm the opposing backline in the first 45 minutes.

The Italians have a reputation of knowing how to defend even the tiniest leads, but their backline is aging and it doesn’t do it gracefully. There are plenty of players who have spent many seasons with Juventus and they have the discipline and commitment to defend, but unfortunately they are no longer capable of playing at the same level for 90 minutes. If Barcelona manages to score early, then everything will be lost for the Italians and the Spanish team will walk away with the third and most important crown this year.

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