Europa Casino was celebrated the beginning of the year for its courage to change the layout of the europa-casino-logowebsite completely.

It was a bit surprising that the gambling operator found it worthwhile to invest so much time and energy in changing a functional product.

They were already in possession of a great looking and easy to navigate website, but understood the importance of upgrading constantly.

Now that all these changes were implemented, the casino is ready to make one more step in the right direction. In order to provide its members and prospective customers with the ultimate gaming experience, it is offering more customization options. The casino realizes the importance of staying flexible and allowing individual members to gamble as they see fit.


There is no universal solution for keeping all players happy and improvisation is the key to success.
The similarities between the new Europa Casino website and the one of Unibet are self evident and hardly a coincidence.

These two casinos are as close as sisters, with the former being aimed mostly at satisfying the needs of female players. Having said this, there is no shortage of male players gambling here and the other way around. They chose to also change the name once the face lift was completed, but it is only fair to assume that this is not the final modification.

When players land on the website they will realize that the URL has changed. This is hardly a problem for those who know how the Internet works but even amateurs will find navigation seamless. The reason is that whatever you type in the search bar, you will be automatically directed to their website.

Online casino players don’t care much about having a thorough understanding of the game mechanics and what matters the most is to land on the right casino page.

New games were added, so in addition to slot machines, table games and video pokers players can also enjoy bingo and scratch cards. As stated above, customization is a very important thing in the current climate of online casinos. That’s why, the modifications made to the website were also supposed to address the need for creating a personalized layout. Users are encouraged to follow their dreams and create their own list of favorite games, based on preferences.

The tools available are easy to use even by those who have no previous experience with online casinos and haven’t played here before. Fans have different needs and regardless of their game of choice they want to enjoy every moment spent online. With more than 500 games and so many promotions up for grabs, it is quite a challenge to meet everyone halfway.

The result speaks for itself and once you start gambling at Europa Casino, you won’t have any reason to look elsewhere for gambling alternatives.

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