Vera&John Casino always tries to deliver better results than it did in the previous year. This means a logo_verajohngreat deal for the fans, given the fact that they have always maintained very high standards.

No compromises are made when it comes to security and enough free games are added to keep the casino competitive.

Given the tremendous success of the games released in 2016, the next year is going to be truly spectacular for the fans to be utterly surprised.

The casino has already started working on a plan and shook hands with IGT and Aristocrat Leisure. The agreement will allow it to add more games to its collection, therefore present members with more alternatives. This is on the key aspects of customer retention, since you don’t want to have your players looking elsewhere for entertainment. The parties involved didn’t discuss all the details of the agreement, which makes perfect sense given the sensitive nature of such a partnership with


What we know for sure is that new games will be area not so distant future and the most optimistic expectations indicate that such a move would be made even before the beginning of 2017. Those who hear about this news for the first time might be a bit surprised, knowing the litigation between the two software developers. Not so long ago, they sued each other over patents and it is a serious business, but apparently they decided to let bygones be bygones.

Now the two companies are looking in confidence to what the future will bring and 2017 will mark a couple of important milestones. The recent agreement has the potential of lifting both companies and will also be directly benefit casinos powered by their games. Vera&John Casino is such an example of an online casino that will be a main beneficiary of this agreement. Ultimately, the players will surely enjoy just as much the introduction of new titles, despite the fact that they are happy with the games available.

It is refreshing to see that the online gambling operator is in the fuse and instead is willing to add games produced by other software developers to its rotation.

Players will be the ones to decide whether they will stick to the games that are familiar with or take a leap of faith with new content. As long as they have all the options readily available, there will be no point for the open account elsewhere.


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